Asif Qasim

Asif Qasim

Dr. Asif Qasim (Asifqasim) produced P2P learning because he wanted to start to improve the healthcare education system. Because of mounting student numbers and limited budgets, educators see providing in-depth training for medical professionals as being extremely hard. According to him, professionals who teach and learn from co-professionals gain mastery in their own field. The marriage of medical specialists with technology experts, Dr. Asif Qasim maintains, is the optimum way to further quality healthcare worldwide.

Dr. Asif Qasim's wealth of experience is responsible for the excellence he exhibits today. Dr. Asif Qasim commenced his studies in the UK, resulting in a PhD in Cardiovascular Biology at the University of Cambridge. He then went to Milan to become a fellow in interventional cardiology. Great job performance leads to opportunities to gain an abundance of experience from which one can learn.

Dr. Asif Qasim emphasises the benefits of systems that facilitate the connection of patients to their doctors when swift and effective treatment is required. MedShr is one of a number of networks created with the intention of improving doctors' expertise in handling the conditions of their patients. From documenting the history of patients to logging the effectiveness of treatments, there are countless ways technology can improve the care provided to patients, Dr. Asif Qasim believes. Healthcare, together with online technology, sires countless solutions that will make patient's lives better.

An Introduction to Dr. Asif Qasim

With his extensive experience in cardiology and his keenness for transforming the state of healthcare, it's no surprise that Dr. Asif Qasim is highly respected as a doctor. Dr. Qasim is a cardiologist in addition to being the Clinical Director of Croydon University Hospital, in South London. Affirming the importance of safe practices and effectiveness, Dr. Asif Qasim is creating strategies to change the means by which medical care is delivered to patients. Great doctors have almost endless enthusiasm for their jobs, even if it means sacrificing food, sleep and time.

Dr. Qasim's Improved Urgent Patient Care in London

With an interest in emergency care, Dr. Asif Qasim is a consultant cardiologist of the NHS and the Clinical Director at Croydon Health Services NHS Trust in south London. Some medical practitioners go beyond just caring for their own patients and also choose to include the wellbeing of the surrounding community in the scope of their practice. Any tricky venture has to be reinforced by determination and lots of hard work.